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Traditional Way of Eating

By: Vinita Sharda, The Wonder School

Sometimes I wonder if FOOD is only about calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc. or is there much more to it. Aren’t we supposed to mindfully eat in moderation and thoroughly enjoy what is in plate. Traditionally in most of the cultures some rituals are followed to ensure we follow just that.

  1. A small prayer is said before a meal which helps to bring in awareness to food.

  2. A few drops of water is taken around the plate and drunk to help us eat less

  3. A thali meal has a variety of colours, flavours and tastes which is a visual treat and also activates the taste buds. It’s a perfect balanced meal .

  4. The practice of eating sitting on the floor is beneficial because the bending of the spine improves blood circulation and metabolism. Thus bringing in faster satiety.

  5. When we eat with hands the nerves ending on the fingertips send signal to the stomach and thus we get a better taste, texture, and aroma of the food.

Lets change our relationship with food by first bringing in balance and the rest will follow.....

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