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Shining at the Digital Inclusion Challenge

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

By: Sid Shukla, The Wonder School

While attending online classes and completing their day to day assignments, our global change makers always find the time to research about how they can make a change to the society on a whole, and one fine day a prospect was presented to our Wonder Teacher, explaining about a ‘Digital Inclusion Challenge’, where they could all work together to bring about a change, and this started the journey.

The 'Digital Inclusion Challenge' is an annual community initiative run by Convergence.Tech and Trybe. In this challenge, students from around the world work together to design a feasible solution to their 2020 Problem Statement. The challenge was to design blended learning solutions to address issues like mental health, digital wellness and equity in diversity. These issues assume gargantuan proportions in the back drop of the pandemic, which has exacerbated the societal digital divide. When taking part in this challenge, students gain access to world reputed subject matter experts and mentors.

Late last year, our kids participated in this challenge, which was about ‘Embracing Digital Education For All’, a dire need in times of the pandemic where 290 million kids were out of school, globally, and in India the digital divide became more prominent as a result.

“Kids from lower income group and households are finding it difficult to cope with these times, digitally”, says Kalp in a video about this campaign, and the above numbers are staggering.

There is an issue of affordability, connectivity issues on Zoom/GMeet calls, no interactive learning and English is the only medium of communication, and all these factors are a limitation when it comes to online education. Also, kids cannot have the time they used to in school and therefore their mental health is being affected too.

The team of kids, or as we call them – WonderKids, called themselves KANVAS, and considered it their duty to rid the world of this problem.

A team of 5 got together, and formed a strong fist to find a solution, where they could provide a strong and able learning platform to the planet, and cure it of this knowledge block.

After some huffing and puffing, came WonderLearn.

WonderLearn – a YouTube Channel for kids, by kids! This was meant to be children led, free for all, would have learning which is interactive and would be available in regional languages too.

But how would the kids add content? Simple, a free platform in YouTube would give kids all around the world to add content to this channel, where the admins would choose which content goes where. What’s more, with so many kids contributing, there would be topics related to studies, and many Sports too (eg., how to Dribble well in Football/Soccer).

Also, to deal with the stress of the pandemic, the kids planned interactive sessions, where the kids would talk about their daily life, or discuss topics they are interested about, and more!

In their growth goals, the kids came to a conclusion that their channel could amass 2500+ subscribers in an year, and would have more than 1 Lac views in the same time, which would be made possible by 100 videos on the platform, on different topics.

The kids presented their proposal to the Digital Inclusion Challenge, and were applauded for their easy and thoughtful presentation in the confluence.

At The Wonder School, we look to promote our WonderKids for taking part in such global events, so that they are not restricted to a small purview of life, and can meet and gain experience from international students, and teachers. Our curriculum, which is based in the Finnish methodology and ideology, is one of the happiest educational systems on the world, and we try to promote the same at our school, where learning is not forced on the child, and is more free flowing, which is why our kids achieve more, and take ownership of their growth.

Watch this space for more accompishments from our kids, because these kids are not sitting idle, and neither are we!

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