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Of Winter Mornings and Fresh Beginnings : Sid Shukla

By: Sid Shukla, The Wonder School

The sweet smell of winter in the air, leaves swaying under the morning sun and leaving their imprints on us, like a window of opportunity – the morning of 16th was a wonderful coming together of sorts on the day of Saraswati Puja.

The Wonder Family, with their friends and family, assimilated thought to reality, talking about all that they had achieved in the past year, and about the days ahead.

Praful, our Wonder Music teacher, commenced the morning with Saraswati Vandana, where the musical notes pierced through everyone’s consciousness and made way for a discussion on a wide purview of proceedings.

We at TWS, join hands and minds more than often to discuss on the things to come, to sit together and reflect, and perfect the movement to come, with deep insights by our close ones to understand if and where we are lacking, because the journey we have embarked upon will change the dynamics of how education is perceived by the society, and in our country as a whole.

We believe that we are on a quest of fulfilling the needs of education in our country, where kids are passionate about learning and motivation to know comes from within, not through extrinsic factors, a common practice which has been prevalent in our country since forever.

Praful is urging everyone to sing ‘Hey Ram’ with him, and TWS joins in this wonderful chorus, where the school walls echo with reverberations of the sound of hope and a melodious future, where learning is free from any restrictions and boundaries. While the tunes resonated in the background, small kids ran rings around the congregation, with no adult to put a brake on their flow, and that is the culture we believe in at our school. The world is our canvas, and we want our kids to know that they can achieve their dreams in an environment which gives them the freedom to think independently, have empathy and show courage. In a nutshell, we want to create global change makers – kids who understand differences and thrive in it. Many experiences were shared, a few games were played and a lot of laughs were exchanged. It was an unbelievable moment for us to find time from our schedules and sit together, after ages, courtesy of the pandemic, that put a stop to free thought.

We will keep doing more of this, and add more people to our family, because we do not take admissions into the school, we take responsibility and ownership of the little and magnificent kids who make our lives special and fill our hearts with joy.

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