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Immunity compromise in today’s time!

By: Vinita Sharda, The Wonder School

Weight increase, low weight, iron deficiency, weak bones, feeling lethargic , low stamina, low concentration, not feeling hungry, frequent cough and cold, frequent stomach infection etc…. Are some of the endless pain areas of our children. One of the major causes of most of these is their poor food habits and digestion . This brings down their immunity drastically.

Our body is fully equipped to handle all these if….and only if we allow it to do so. So how do we ensure our precious ones don’t have to suffer?

  1. Most importantly by being role models as parents and teachers! You cannot ask them to do something that you don’t follow yourself.

  2. Healthy sleeping habits….the old saying of ‘ early to bed and early to rise “…goes a long way ! Our body goes into repair mode in the night ( essentially between 10 pm to 6 am ).

  3. 4 servings of colourful fruits and vegetables. They not only give essential nutrients and minerals but also gives them enough fiber for keeping the colon clean.

  4. No colas and sweetened beverages. They disturb the gut bacteria.

  5. Junk food restricted to one meal in a week.

  6. Exercise and sweat it out! Most of the toxins get eliminated from the body with sweat.

  7. A glass of warm tulsi ginger water early in the morning.

  8. Deep breathing exercises daily! Through deep exhalations, we throw out toxins as well.

  9. Skin is our first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. So keeping hygiene, by washing hands regularly and a warm shower daily is a must !

Ensuring children are happy! Any emotional concerns should be addressed immediately….with tender love and care!!!

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