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History Beyond Dates : Ishana Eapen

By Ishana Eapen, The Wonder School

Every timeline in history either precedes or follows a cataclysmic moment that irrevocably changes the course of mankind’s progress. While the wisdom of the old saying “those who forget history are condemned to repeat it” has stood the test of veracity, mankind has yet to plumb the depths of it’s awful truth.

History can be considered the only verifiable record of the past several millennia, although facts and figures blur or fade or are deliberately overwritten as successive generations interpret the events to reboot their current place in the world, it cannot be bypassed. Every act in our collective and definitive epochs has an influence on contemporary times.

Whilst truly and honestly delineating the course of historical watersheds, be they wars and combat strategies, or political will that changes the course of the human race, understanding the underlined statement of what a war at a certain point meant or how political leanings and insecurities of the time irrevocably changed the natural order of mankind is what a student of history must learn from objectively and without prejudice to make informed judgments. It is quite often here that the place of history beyond dates comes into its own.

Students of contemporary history recognise the value and the significance that the verifiable version of all historical records hold when it comes to colouring history as we live in it. Not all recorded history can be verified and “verifiable” records may have versions most suited to the chroniclers of the time.

To be able to collate information objectively, reading between the vastly and publicly recorded versions and discarding by logic and deep study of the comparative times, the dedicated student’s understanding of history will transcend to a level of accurate interpretation and objective reporting.

As a social studies facilitator with The Wonder School, I would like to imagine myself going on a voyage with my fellow students exploring history to the fullest, beginning with the interpretations of comparative mythologies to personal perspectives of what the world sees and understands to be its history.

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