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A Story from our Classroom : Prerna Behl

By: Prerna Behl, The Wonder School

Tap – Tap, I join into my online classroom meeting and see my little ones eagerly ready to start the day. As a teacher, it is a brand new day in my Lower Exploration class and I have a solid lesson plan in my mind. But are things ever that easy?

Suddenly, I see Kabir has a story to tell about his favourite peppa pig toy and wants to talk about his drawings. We listen to his detailed story and all of a sudden, my 3 year old Yuvi wants to see dinosaurs on the screen. Before I can fulfil that wish, Veda wants to dance to his favourite song.

I wrap up my head about the lesson plan for numbers and we start off with a peppy numbers song with dinosaurs in it!

Ahha! I think I just saved the day, when suddenly the young curious minds want me to tell them a story. Slowly but steadily, I build a story with the community helpers in mind, to educate the kids about them, which is my theme of the week.

The day goes on quite successfully, even though I may have not done the pen and paper work like a conventional school, but I have sowed the seeds of the concepts I wanted to teach in the class.

Every day is a new learning, where my kids’ choices guide the tone of the day and I take the lead from there as we begin the adventures there on. Sometimes, we reach dinosaur parks and sometimes we visit Old McDonald’s farm. Or, we sit together and make clay castles and play with our cube robots. Our adventures never end when the class ends - they begin and build every day.

It may seem like an unconventional class, but giving the children the freedom to speak and the power to choose helps me in the long run to make them trust me. It is easy to help them learn if they trust you and connect with you. Now, they wait for the class to begin everyday and my favourite sentence is — “Pree, I want to tell you something ….” What’s more? Even the youngest of the lot are interactive!

The conversations and learnings then blend together in a seamless fashion.

Every school teaches, but it is how the children learn that makes the difference in the child’s education.

We teachers, at The Wonder School, believe in empowering the children to create their own paths and we support them on their journey.

The Wonder School --- "Where everything is possible!!”

- A statement given by our students.

By Pree

(nickname for Prerna, chosen by her students)

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