Our Approach

We view every child as strong, capable, independent, curious, and full of imagination. We empower children to think, question, investigate, explore, and help navigate the journey of learning.


Captures the thrill of true learning - the curiosity, the passion, the collaboration, the connection, the effort, the fun, the pride, the sharing!

Student-Led, Student-Driven

Teachers function more as coaches than lecturers. Students determine how they will learn & what they will experience, increasing their investment in their own learning.


Our children come FIRST! Everything & everyone in our ecosystem is geared to the goal of providing the students with an environment & experience that helps them grow to their fullest potential.

Personalised, Self-paced Learning

Personalized instruction that allows students to advance at their own rate, with opportunities for “anywhere, anytime” learning outside the confines of the traditional school day and building. 

Whole Child Development

Support and nurtures ALL areas of children’s development and learning–from social-emotional, physical literacy & cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding.