The Wonder Team

A collective of teachers, researchers, mentalists and other significant adults, with a single-minded focus to live and breathe the philosophy and vision. The experience of the students is a culmination of their ideas, hard work, and an undeterred will to succeed, with a smile on their faces, always!

Anamika Dasgupta - Wonder School

Founder - Director

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Anamika is an educationist, business coach and parent. She is the CEO and Founder of The Potter's Earth Eduservices Private Limited and Founder-Director of Potter’s Earth Foundation. She loves working with young talent and her passion lies in coaching young adults, enabling them to discover and follow their true north. Over a career spanning 18 years, she has worked with many students and their families, helping them find their true calling. She is also an experienced entrepreneur coach and actively participates in supporting and guiding founders of educational ventures.


After several years of a corporate career including her last stint as Head HR at Microsoft India for Enterprise Products and SMB businesses, Anamika started The Potter’s Earth Eduservices in 2013 with a view to establishing a business in the education and employability space in India. Her training and experience as a People Development expert and Executive Coach enabled her to impact thousands of students, parents and young professionals. Her organization has partnered with various CSR initiatives to enable career directioning for students from economically weaker sections and reduce post-school dropout rates in many low income schools. In 2020, she founded her non-profit organization Potter’s Earth Foundation, and opened her first school The Wonder School, to create a fearless, individualized learning environment where children can enjoy the process of learning. The Wonder School is an IB aligned school that offers a unique skill-based experiential curriculum focused on holistic joyful learning, driven by a passionate team of globally trained teachers.


Anamika has written and co-published several white papers related to employability enhancement of Indian youth, and the role of teachers and educators in driving change. Through her various ventures, she has been instrumental in impacting thousands of young lives from all strata of society. An alumnus of the prestigious Symbiosis Institutes, Pune, Anamika is a Post Graduate and gold medalist in Human Development. She has a Masters degree in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare and is a Certified Executive Coach from International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations (ICCO) Switzerland. She will soon start her journey to complete her Masters in Non-profit Leadership with the Executive Program from the Centre of Social Impact Strategy, University of Pennsylvania.

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Co-founder and Director of Legal, Commercial and Partnerships

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Saurabh is an educator with vast experience in conducting parenting workshops, mentoring teachers and designing education policy. He is an author and has written several educational blogs as well as a book titled ‘Future Ready: a Guide for Parents and Teachers’. With a foreword by Dr. SB Mujumdar, eminent educationist and Founder of the Symbiosis group and Saurabh’s long-term mentor, the book delves into the role of parents and teachers as significant adults who influence a young person’s decisions. Saurabh is a passionate youth coach and has hosted and participated in several education related forums as speaker and panelist.


As an avid reader of Indian mythology and religion with a professional interest in psychology, Saurabh brings forth a unique take on life decisions while working with students and teachers. Through his organization The Potter’s Earth, he helps students make independent value-based career and life choices. A keen learner of psychology and an avid reader of Indian history and philosophy, Saurabh draws his own life lessons from childhood tales of valour, fairness and independence, which he regularly shares through his blogs and talks.


He started his career in the corporate sector and went on to work with several large corporations as well as social startups. It was while working with Dlight Energy, a Silicon Valley based social venture that led him to interact with bottom-of-the-pyramid customers in rural and small-town India, that he got an exposure to the immense potential that rests with the Indian youth and was inspired to enable young students in India to reach a life of their true potential. In 2013 he bid goodbye to his corporate career to take the plunge into the Indian education sector and started The Potter’s Earth Eduservices with his wife and business partner. Over the years, Potter’s Earth Eduservices has been instrumental in turning around thousands of young lives towards a meaningful and sustainable growth trajectory. In 2020, with an aim of furthering the impact and building a student-centric learning ecosystem, he co-founded Potter’s Earth Foundation and The Wonder School, an IB aligned school in Pune that focuses on democratic learning and student-led decision making.


Saurabh is an alumnus of Symbiosis Management institute and a certified career coach and career expert from International Consortium of Coaching in Organizations (ICCO) Switzerland.

Aanchal Sant - Wonder School Team.jpg

Co-founder, Director of Academics and Head of Curriculum Design and Research

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Aanchal is a seasoned educator, neuroscience practitioner and instructional designer. She has broad experiences in building education systems, curriculum and classroom best practices. She is the Director of Programs at The Potter's Earth Eduservices, Co-founder and Director of Education at Potter's Earth Foundation and Academic Head and Head of School at The Wonder School.


Passionate about creating education solutions, she studied and piloted various learning theories and instructional design models in her role as the Director of Programs at The Potter's Earth, a career and professional development organisation. She worked with students and teachers from schools and colleges around the country on career decision-making, goal setting and employability. Through this work, she has created the first-of-its kind Career Curriculum in India, deployed in 50 government and low-income schools, impacting thousands of students.


She is passionate about fostering diversity, equity and global inclusion in Indian education and is driven to create a generation of empathetic and impactful global change makers. These have translated into the Wonder School - an environment that focuses on ensuring that students receive an education that is progressive, futuristic and globally relevant. An IB aligned school that adopts the best teaching practices from around the world, the school's proprietary pedagogical model - The Wonder Way has been conceptualised by Aanchal and her team of researchers from different parts of the globe. This model draws from practices of Montessori and Reggio Emilia, while bringing in features like mindfulness, growth mindset and self-led learning from the thoughts of Gestalt, Krishnamurti and Piaget among other education thought leaders.


She envisions a school that is a student-led, student-driven learning ecosystem that is a hub of innovation and excellence. She is driven to make The Wonder School a unique global, inclusive, one-of-its-kind learning experience for generations of students, teachers and families. Aanchal is a UCLA Certified Counselor and a Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner. She has a Masters Degree in Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. In the Potter's Earth spirit of lifelong learning, she is gearing up to soon start her second Masters in Advanced Instructional Design from Purdue University.

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Head of School and Director HR

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Richa is an OD practitioner, a behavioral skills trainer and a performance storyteller who is a passionate people’s person and who strongly believes that everyone is destined to a flight of their own. A seasoned HR professional with vast experience of working with HR consulting and training firms she has been very actively involved in Teacher Training programs in Schools and Faculty Development Programs in institutes. Her last stint was working as a consultant with an International publication house, Scholastic India. As the Head of HR with Potter’s Earth Foundation, she enjoys engaging and

developing the team, helping them realize their potential, achieving them and stretching beyond. She is heading the professional development for the teachers and has been driving the Andragogy agenda through coaching and developing IDPs making teachers more engaged and productive learners and therefore contributors. She has developed the critical understanding of strategic and human capital requirements essential to build a successful enterprises, continuously striving to align people development strategies to the business goals she is adept at supporting and developing diverse workforce.


Her areas of expertise are talent acquisition and management, policy and procedure development, performance management and appraisals, training and development, change management, competency mapping, employee management and retention. She believes in ideating and implementing high impact initiatives to create world class experience for teachers and therefore students.


In her endeavor to create a community of learners, she also conducts Effective Story Telling sessions, theatre and puppetry workshops for both parents and students. She firmly believes that stories can be a very effective medium of teaching values to children and also equipping them with 21st century skills. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma in HRD and Training Excellence certificates from Dale Carnegie and TISS. She is also a trained story teller from Kathalaya International Academy of Storytelling.