Art & Play at TWS

The Art & Play Program at TWS is a strong pillar of the learning experience and a key tool in making students more focused, motivated, and purposeful. Most importantly, it makes them happier. Our educators bring art & play based learning into classrooms to create balance, deepen learning, and define the classroom community as a place where the students can learn and grow together.

Students should have artistic experiences that allow them to have fun, be creative, and build personal skills that last a lifetime. Our program is designed to teach fundamental skills, especially in the Primary School and Middle School, and mastery in High School.

Performing Arts
  • Music Appreciation

  • Western & Indian Classical Music

  • Movement Therapy

  • Western & Indian Classical Dance

  • Drama & Elocution
  • Theatre & Public Speaking
Young Ballet Class

In TWS Visual Arts, students are encouraged to explore individual, creative approaches to their art and to develop technical skills with a variety of media. The study of art history and modern concepts provide students with a cultural context of art.

Visual Arts
  • Fine Art

  • Visual Art

  • Photography

  • Film-making

  • Animation

  • Graphic Design

Kids' Paintings

Athletic activity is regarded as vital to the total educational experience at TWS. We consider sports and games to be a necessary and integral part of every child’s education and work consistently to introduce skill development at the appropriate age levels.

  • Physical Literacy

  • Gymnastics

  • Indoor Sports

  • Outdoor Sports

  • Endurance Sports & Mountaineering

Kids Running